From the recording Particle Collider



Song - Particle Collider
Artist - Sistine Criminals
Genre - Drum N' Bass
Release Date - June 12 2020
Label - ThisIsTorch Records


"Particle Collider" was recorded in a single take at Figure and Ground Studios in Brooklyn, New York. As a live and real-time performance, there were no click tracks used at the time of recording. Because of the natural timing stemming from the band as a whole, "Particle Collider" has a uniquely 'organic' feel for an otherwise electronic sounding track. It features Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni (drums, electronics, samples), Aaron Burnett (sax, keys, electronics, samples) and Nick Jozwiak (bass and electronics). The live instruments combined with electronics, live production techniques as well as post-production contribute to the track's hybrid sonic aesthetic. It has also been said that the vibe of "Particle Collider" is reminiscent of 90's Jungle/DnB and Jump Up while having a modern edge. This music video contains the actual footage from the recording session that took place at Figure and Ground Studios in December of 2017.


Aaron Burnett - Sax, Keyboards, Electronics/Samples
Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni - Drums, Electronic/Samples
Nick Jozwiak - Bass, Electronics


Writers - Aaron Burnett, Greg Sgrulloni, Nick Jozwiak

Arrangement - Aaron Burnett, Nick Jozwiak

Executive producer - Greg Sgrulloni

Post production/editing - Greg Sgrulloni

Recording Location - Figure and Ground Studios, Brooklyn, NYC (2017)

Recording Engineer - Lily Wen

Mixed and Mastered - Greg Sgrulloni