Sistine Criminals (/sɪˈstin ˈkrɪmənəlz/) are an American multi-genre electronic group based out of Brooklyn, New York City. The groups hybrid electro-acoustic style draws influences from EDM genres such as jungle/drum n bass, trap, techno, juke, and IDM. Sistine Criminals use a refined set-up that augments their live instrumentation with electronics. Taking this approach allows the them to emulate the sonic aesthetics, 'playback' flow and overall digital seamlessness of DJ mixes and electronic production.

Originally formed in Boston in 2005, the group is now comprised of founding members Aaron Burnett (saxophonist/keyboardist) and Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni (drummer/producer) along with bass player Nick Jozwiak. Often seen performing at Brooklyn underground warehouse raves, secret boat parties and on the streets and subways of NYC, the Sistine Criminals have been a staple in the NYC underground music scene.

They have shared the stage with the likes of Method Man, Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Hannibal Buress, Miho Hitori (Gorillaz), KJ Sawka (Pendulum), DJ Pony, Break Science, BioDiesel (Johnny Rabb), The New Deal and many others. Members of Sistine Criminals have worked with notable artists and producers such as Esperanza Spalding, Rudimental, Conspirator (The Disco Biscuits), Gryffin, Brockett Parsons (Lady Gaga), Darude, DJ Jazzy Jay, Dawaun Parker (Eminem, Jay Z), Big Gigantic, Jerry Barnes (CHIC) and more.

Today, Sistine Criminals continue to bring their unique instrumental take on electronic dance music to more audiences. Their latest project, "Strange Children", consists of regularly released singles of varying genres from a recording session done at Brooklyn's Figure and Ground studios. The "Strange Children" series made its debut in June 2020 leading with the uplifting drum n bass single “Particle Collider.”

Mile-a-minute jungle breakbeats that you’d assume were programmed specifically to sound inhuman if you weren’t right there watching it all unfold... all around a combination of finesse and urgency...”

— The Village Voice

Only in the presence of JoJo Mayer have I seen a purely acoustic band create such hot music in this genre. ”

— J. Trimarco

The Sistine Criminals create lusher textures and richer rhythms than a single DJ could possibly produce.”

— FreakJams

All around, a combination of finesse and urgency that suggests well-schooled jazz musicians who quite sensibly decided they prefer the bitches and drugs of the rock world. ” - Vijith Assar

— The Village Voice


Particle Collider

Sistine Criminals


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Song - Particle Collider Artist - Sistine Criminals Genre - Drum N' Bass Release Date - June 12 2020 Label - ThisIsTorch Records


"Particle Collider" was recorded in a single take at Figure and Ground Studios in Brooklyn, New York. As a live and real-time performance, there were no click tracks used at the time of recording. Because of the natural timing stemming from the band as a whole, "Particle Collider" has a uniquely 'organic' feel for an otherwise electronic sounding track. It features Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni (drums, electronics, samples), Aaron Burnett (sax, keys, electronics, samples) and Nick Jozwiak (bass and electronics). The live instruments combined with electronics, live production techniques as well as post-production contribute to the track's hybrid sonic aesthetic. It has also been said that the vibe of "Particle Collider" is reminiscent of 90's Jungle/DnB and Jump Up while having a modern edge. This music video contains the actual footage from the recording session that took place at Figure and Ground Studios in December of 2017.


Aaron Burnett - Sax, Keyboards, Electronics/Samples Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni - Drums, Electronic/Samples Nick Jozwiak - Bass, Electronics


Writers - Aaron Burnett, Greg Sgrulloni, Nick Jozwiak

Arrangement - Aaron Burnett, Nick Jozwiak

Executive producer - Greg Sgrulloni

Post production/editing - Greg Sgrulloni

Recording Location - Figure and Ground Studios, Brooklyn, NYC (2017)

Recording Engineer - Lily Wen

Mixed and Mastered - Greg Sgrulloni

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Nick Jozwiak

Nick Jozwiak

Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni

Greg "TORCH" Sgrulloni

Aaron Burnett

Aaron Burnett